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Tonight Channel 13 announced that from Wednesday

Tonight Channel 13 announced that from Wednesday it will shorten the central issue of "Teletrece" in 30 minutes, to refit your schedule prime from 22 hours, as was the case until the earthquake of 2010.

The determination was taken by the Executive direction of the station owned by the Luksic group, after several conversations with the directors of programming, press, and of all the areas involved.

The measure, according to confirm from the television House, is seen as "an opportunity in the pursuit of higher quality".

Channel 13 initiative surprised the industry, considering that over the past years all national channels have defended the home of the prime at 22:30 hours, arguing that Chileans now watch TV until later. However, the topic has always been in question and have been many voices that have criticized the schedule that displays certain products, especially those that go on the second night Strip.

On this issue, executive director of Mega, Patricio Hernández, stated a few days ago to Emol that "in matters of programming must always dare to innovate, then an option like that it always have in mind".

From Chilevision, director of content and production, Pablo Morales, meanwhile, said that as channel "not we referred to" reinstall your night Strip from 22 hours.

Javier Urrutia, executive director of the network, also referred to the issue and pointed to this medium as television House "we are known for offering an alternative that is different and that is why, almost three years ago, we offer a different structure: our central newscast,"20 hour", starts at 8 pm and our programming prime begins at 21:30 with 'Watchmen'".

With regard to the criticisms that have received channels since they extended to one hour and half the length of their newscasts, Urrutia points out that "everything depends on the content delivered to" and explains that "in our case we have a 90-minute program because so is make the most characteristics of Patricio Muñoz and Beatriz Sánchez, that one third of the time engaged in discussions on issues on the agendaanother third of interviews with the protagonists of the story and the rest to the delivery of information itself, without filler notes".

The action taken by Channel 13 will begin to govern tonight from the hand of a new chapter in its night soap opera "Traces of lies", Brazilian production that debuted just last week to air.

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